"Payne " Place Names in the USA:


Payne, Arkansas, United States is in Union County;
Location is 338'51"N 9225'51"W [SourceGSP]

Payne, California, United States is in Trinity County;
Location is 4014'35"N 1235'30"W [SourceGSP]

Payne, Colorado
, United States is in Delta County;
Location is 3848'6"N 10754'5"W [SourceGSP]

Payne, Georgia
, United States; (City)
Population was 192 in 1990;
Housing units was 101 in 1990;
Location is 3251'N 8341'W;
Land area is 0.06 square miles (39 acres);
FIPS code is 59584 [SourceCBP]

Payne, Georgia
, United States is in Bibb County;
Location is 3251'10"N 8341'17"W;
Elevation is 507 feet [SourceGSP]

Payne, Georgia, United States is in Cherokee County;
Location is 346'34"N 8438'57"W;
Elevation is 985 feet [SourceGSP]

Payne, Idaho
, United States is in Bonneville County;
Location is 4334'22"N 1123'9"W [SourceGSP]

Payne, Iowa, United States is in Fremont County;
Location is 4040'11"N 9545'36"W;
Elevation is 921 feet [SourceGSP]

Payne, Kentucky, United States is in Graves County;
Location is 3639'49"N 8839'3"W;
Elevation is 542 feet [SourceGSP]

Payne, Minnesota
, United States is in St. Louis County;
Location is 475'46"N 9235'57"W;
Elevation is 1,315 feet [SourceGSP]

Payne, Ohio
, United States is in Paulding County;
Location is 414'39"N 8443'38"W;
Elevation is 753 feet [SourceGSP]

Payne, Ohio
, United States;
Population was 1,244 in 1990;
Housing units was 504 in 1990;
Location is 415'N 8444'W;
Land area is 0.53 square miles (341 acres);
FIPS code is 61322 [SourceCBP]

Payne, Oklahoma
, United States (County) includes Amabel, Cartoco, Cottingham, Cushing,
Drakes Corner, Gano, Glencoe, Goodnight, Ingalls, Marena, Mehan, North Village, Perkins,
Pleasant Valley, Quay, Ripley, Schlegel, Stillwater, Vinco, West Point, Yale, Yost [SourceGSP]

Population was 61,507 in 1990;
Housing units was 27,381 in 1990;
Location is 365'N 9658'W;
Land area is 686.39 square miles (439,292 acres);
Water area is 10.79 square miles (6,906 acres);
FIPS code is 119 [SourceCBP]

Payne, Oklahoma
, United States is in McClain County;
Location is 3454'22"N 9731'47"W;
Elevation is 1,036 feet [SourceGSP]

Payne, Texas
, United States is in Marion County;
Location is 3251'5"N 9417'20"W [SourceGSP]

Payne, Virginia
, United States is in Fluvanna County;
Location is 3745'9"N 7826'33"W;
Was named in year 1897 [SourceGSP]

Payne, Virginia
, United States is in Henry County;
Location is 3642'53"N 7956'15"W [SourceGSP]


We are indebted to David Thomason for this list.
If any one could do the same for other variations of the name - or other countries, please let us know.



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